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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new app is letting you get involved in wanted and missing persons cases around the metro.

The FBI just rolled out the app called FBI Wanted. In the app, you can now see a list of wanted fugitives and missing individuals. You can also read a full description of each case and easily call law-enforcement if you have a tip to share.

There were nearly 17 unsolved homicide cases in Kansas City, Mo., in 2016. The FBI hopes to see that number decrease with the app.

The FBI has long enlisted the communities help to track down criminals. The list of the FBI’s ‘Top 10 Most Wanted’ used to be on the walls of the post office.
Now it’s all on social media and provides another tool to help get criminals off the streets.

“This app is basically a technology driven crime-fighting tool that we are putting in the hands of the public,” said Bridget Patton with KC’s FBI. “It provides the public a real resource to look at the wanted and missing posters available on the website.”

Leaders with the FBI say the app also showcases missing individuals.

“This can help the FBI in tracking down criminals because it any given time, there are thousands of FBI wanted fugitives on the loose,” Patton said. “This gives the public that information of who the FBI is searching for right in the palm of their hand.”

The FBI released its first app five years ago called the Child ID app to help keep track of missing children around the metro. You can download the app on both Apple and Android. They’re both free.