Fed-Up Chiefs Fans Making Their Voices Heard

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Last place in the AFC West – and tied for the worst record in the NFL – is not where the Kansas City Chiefs expected to be this year, and the fan base isn’t happy.

Marty McDonald is one of those fans. He was born and raised in Johnson County. He moved to Arizona with his family when he was 13, but he never gave up on the Chiefs.

“We always hold out that loyal hope that we are one play away from turning things around, one play leads to a win and that win leads to two and get momentum getting into the playoffs,” said McDonald.

But McDonald says current leadership is quickly dashing that hope.

“You’ve got to hold the general manager accountable because he’s the one ultimately helping to shape and form that roster and has the loudest voice in the room,” said McDonald.

But the voice of social media has a much louder voice. Between Facebook and Twitter, McDonald says the Save Our Chiefs sites he’s involved in have enough followers to fill Arrowhead.

McDonald see the numbers are climbing, one upset fan after another – and the people behind SaveOurChiefs.com are getting the followers ready to make some waves.

“We are going to start encouraging  fans to wear black shirts, black hoodies, black hats to voice their displeasure and taking that stadium from a sea of red to a graveyard of black death,” said McDonald.

The goal is pretty simple, to help return the Chiefs to the glory days, and McDonald hopes Chiefs fans realize they do have a voice and can make it happen.

Click here for more info about Save Our Chiefs. To follow Save Our Chiefs on Twitter, click here.

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