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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The federal government shutdown is now approaching two weeks with no end in sight, and now some people trying to buy a home are being affected.

Kansas City’s housing market is still red hot, keeping mortgage brokers like Robert Hastings, a branch manager with Union Home Mortgage, busy.

“Right now is a great time to buy a house because it’s more affordable than it’s going to be in the future,” Hastings said.

But at the same time, there are new concerns for some of his clients.

“If you’ve got a USDA loan, and you’re waiting for that final stamp, it’s not happening right now,” Hastings said.

The USDA is unique in that the agency must give its ultimate approval before a loan can close, and it is one of the federal agencies not running right now with the partial government shutdown.

Thankfully, only a small number of home buyers use USDA loans. But other buyers could feel the effects of a frozen federal government, too.

“The biggest affect is to those buyers who are self-employed,” Hastings said.

That’s because the IRS has to verify self-employment income, and that’s another office that’s currently shut down.

“Those type of buyers are going to find it difficult through this process,” Hastings said.

The good news is that loans through the Federal Housing Administration and Veterans Administration, along with most conventional loans, can still be cleared.

But if the shutdown lingers a while, there’s a worry it could be a damper on home sales.

“It could potentially slow the housing market, that’s a potential situation. But hopefully the shutdown is short lived,” Hastings said.