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BRIDGEWATER, Mass. — Respect and accolades for a group of 5th grade boys in Massachusetts continues to circulate on the internet because of what they did for a younger friend who was being picked on.

The friend’s name is Danny, a first-grader in Bridgewater. In November, the 5th grade football team learned Danny, 6, who is their water boy, was being picked on for his speech impediment and because he wears suits everyday.

Danny suffered from a brain hemorrhage shortly after he was born, which caused the speech impediment.

They didn’t like Danny’s hurt feelings, so they formed a band of brothers, an alliance against teasing and bullying.

You must watch the video in the player above to see the precious hearts of these ten and eleven-year old boys.

That happened in November. Once the story got out, Danny and the boys on the Badgers Pee-Wee football team received a citation of honor from the Massachusetts House of Representatives.