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WASHINGTON — House lawmakers have reignited a debate about gas stoves with Republicans proactively working to stop a ban. But Democrats argue there is no planned ban in the first place. 

This week, the House is taking up two bills related to gas stoves. Republicans claim Democrats are working to ban the appliance.

“Joe Biden, and his administration have been waging war on American energy. Now, they are targeting gas stoves,” Congresswoman Elise Stefanik said. 

One of the bills Republicans are pushing would prohibit using federal funds to ban gas stoves. The other would stop the Energy Department from implementing a proposed rule to improve the energy efficiency of some kitchen appliances. 

Congressman Steve Scalise claims that would essentially ban existing gas stoves and raise prices. 

“Sick and tired of having to pay the cost for the extremist ideas of these control freaks working in these agencies,” Scalise said. 

Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon insists those potential standards would impact new stoves, benefiting consumer health in the long term. She calls the Republican bills misleading. 

“Fear-mongering attempts to prevent the enactment of standards to make gas stoves more safe, and efficient,” Scanlon said. 

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee argues the legislation is also completely unnecessary, because the Biden administration doesn’t plan to ban gas stoves. 

“No gas stove will be taken from any American ever,” Lee said. 

Many Democrats say the House should be focused on other issues instead. 

“The House majority has decided to waste valuable time and resources to promote a bunch of half-baked legislative ideas and stir the culture wars pot with MAGA conspiracy theories,” Scanlon said. 

The Senate does have a similar bill on gas stoves, but it’s not clear if that legislation will get a vote.