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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In spite of Tuesday’s news about star receiver Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs fans are stoked. The last time the franchise started 9-0 was a decade ago. Now the Denver Broncos stand in the way of 10-0.

Most Chiefs fans are loud and proud. Tony Lupercio says he’s the loudest, and perhaps, the most mobile.

Lupercio said he owns 12 season tickets for games at Arrowhead. But three years ago, he and some friends pooled their money to purchase and trick-out a Ford E-350 Econobus. Tony’s sled gives a rolling shout-out to most of Kansas City’s sports favorites, with decals from many of the pro and college franchises on the bus. It’s become a regular sight most anywhere the Chiefs play football.

“We tailgate on this bus every single game,” Lupercio said. “This is what we do.”

He and seven of his fired-up friends will head out for Denver on Friday with hopes of remaining the NFL’s only unbeaten team, and for having a fun weekend.

“Even when we lose, I still have a great time,” Jonathan Tapia said. “Sometimes, I don’t know the score and they tell me. I just party. I’m the loudest guy there.”

Lupercio said it’s not enough just to be loud. He’s been to Denver before in this bus, and he knows this victory won’t be easy. But when the Chiefs find victory over the Broncos, it’s going to be sweet for him.

“If we win — no, when we win at Denver, it’s going to get so nuts, we’ll have to leave the game early,” Chuck Hansuld said. “We’ll have to batten down the hatches and hit the road early ’cause it’s going to have six flat tires on it.”

“Every time we’ve ever been there, it’s hostile,” Lupercio said. “We tend to be cool with them if they’re cool with us.”

And they’re already pumped, as if gameday was already here.

Lupercio says his bus gets about 16 miles per gallon. He expects to spend as much as $600 dollars in gas, just to get to and from the game in Denver.

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