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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After battling flames a Brookside restaurant Thursday morning for nearly two hours, crews can begin their investigation to determine what caused the fire that damaged three businesses.

It was around 5:45 a.m. when flames began shooting from the roof of Plate near 62nd and Oak.

Firefighters had to wait for crews from Kansas City Power and Light before they could start fighting the fire because power lines had fallen down in the area.

The fire was tough for firefighters to put out because it kept rekindling due to the structure of the building.

Fire officials on the scene believe the fire started in the back of the restaurant, but the official cause is still under investigation. Bomb and Arson crews and Kansas City investigators are on the scene.

“The arson squad did say it started in the back of the building in the grease thing from the restaurant, but those don’t catch on fire,” building owner James Dalton said. “So he said it’s obviously arson.”

In total three restaurants were affected, and only one would be able to open for business Thursday, firefighters said.

“There are two businesses that are not habitable right now,” Battalion Chief Kevin Hunt said. “One of them should be able to go back to operations today. Three business total were affected.”

No one was at the restaurant when the fire broke out.

Firefighters are battling a fire at a Brookside restaurant early Thursday morning.