Firework explodes, blows off woman’s left foot

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CHICAGO — Doctors were trying to save the right foot of a woman who already lost her left foot Thursday night when a rocket exploded in front of her.

The woman was at West Lawn Park in Chicago when she and her sister-in-law were hit by someone else’s firework.

“One of the firecrackers, instead of going up, it went to the ground and hit Christina, my daugher and my son in law.” said Eleuterio Carmona, father of the victim. His son-in-law, Enriqo Perez, was not hurt but Perez’ 34-year-old wife, Lorena was undergoing surgery for severe burns. Perez’ sister could lose both feet.

The firework tradition at West Lawn Park is an unsanctioned event. People gather there every year to set off fireworks on their own. It’s not known who set off the firework that injured the women, who had been going to the park for years on the Fourth of July.

In Apollo, Pennsylvania, three teenagers were injured during a fireworks accident at a park there. One of the injured is a 14-year-old girl named Brooke Wright. Her mother said she was badly burned.

And in Seattle, a firework caused about one and a half million dollars damage after fireworks set fire to 14 boats.
One man tried to move one of the boats with a forklift, but the flames spread quickly.
It happened at Gas Works Park on Lake Union. Fireworks are banned in Seattle.



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