Firework sales booming in Missouri as coronavirus cancels 4th of July shows

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KANSAS CITY METRO — The coronavirus is causing cities all across the metro to cancel July firework celebrations.

But as the first day of legal firework sales kicks off in Missouri, some stores are already reporting major sales.

“This is the biggest opening date we have had here for sure,” owner of Big Mac’s Fireworks, Gene McClung, said. “They are really coming in after this stuff.”

Other stores are seeing the same rush of customers, some whom are first-time firework purchasers.

“They tell me they are coming in to buy fireworks because they have all been cooped up because of the coronavirus, and this is something they can do in their backyard and have fun with their family,” manager of Hale’s Fireworks, Pam Freeman, said. 

Freeman moved into their new building located in Independence. She said she did not know what to expect.

Firework stores are also adjusting to new social distancing and coronavirus protections.

“We have changed our entrance and exits so our flow is one direction as much as possible,” Megan Dykeman, who manages a firework tent on Noland Road, said. “We have hand sanitizer available, we are wiping tables down once and hour, we will have social distancing signs on the floor, things like that.”

Before celebrating with fireworks, check your city’s rules on what you can legally light. Some are more restrictive than others.

The first day of sales in Missouri began Saturday.

If you live in Kansas, you will have to wait until June 27.



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