Firm helping Kansas City churches secure their sanctuaries

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Leaders of various churches are in Kansas City for security training certification. Friday was the first day of the two-day course at The Cause KC Church where the training is taking place.

Church security is on a lot of people’s minds, after a shooter wounded a greeter at House of Refuge in Kansas City two Sundays ago. Witnesses say he wanted money from the pastor.

During the training, instructors explained greeters and parking lot attendants are often the first people at churches who can identify people who are acting out of the ordinary and might be a potential threat.

They instructed church leaders on what to look for, and how to come up with an action plan.

The security firm holding the training, Stategos International, says violent incidents are up 2,500-percent at churches since 1999.

“The unique thing about churches is they are reaching out to people with hurts heartaches and hang-ups. The challenge is how do you have a safe and secure place of worship without compromising the core mission?”

They also went over what to do in the event of an active shooter in a sanctuary or youth room. They are described as the three outs; lock out the suspect, take out the shooter, and get out. The best choice varies by situation. They want church staff to be able to know how to handle all of them.

Strategos plans another training session at the same church July 1st.



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