First Day Back to School, Districts Watch for Transfers

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Winter break ended in many school districts around the metro on Tuesday, and many district leaders wondered if the new year would bring in a flood of new students hoping to transfer out of Kansas City, Missouri’s troubled district to the suburbs.

The Kansas City Missouri School District, which resumes classes on January 10, lost its accreditation effective on New Year’s Day, and state law requires surrounding districts on the Missouri side of the state line to accept transfer students at the KCMOSD’s expense.

However, Independence, North Kansas City, Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, Raytown and Center school districts have said that they cannot enroll transfer students until the KCMOSD meets their transportation and tuition requirements.

The Independence School District said only a few parents came to the school office with their child Tuesday morning and asked to enroll. The staff took their information but told the students they were not accepting transfers at this time. Since the KCMOSD lost accreditation, Independence says between 200-300 KCMOSD parents have called for information about enrollment.

On Friday, a Jackson County judge denied their petition to halt any transfers until an agreement is reached with KCMOSD officials, ruling transfers should not be delayed as they were requesting.

Regarding transfers, the Center School District’s website states: “When Center School District begins classes again on Wednesday, we will continue to take applications and information from any student and family requesting a transfer to Center School District, but we will not be accepting transfers until our board policy regarding tuition and transportation requirements are met.”

Similar statements are posted on the other districts’ websites. The six districts will return to court on January 12, asking for further clarification regarding the specifics of the transfer policy.



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