First graders give the low-down on Thanksgiving

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- First graders at Frank Rushton Elementary School in Kansas City, Kansas could teach us all a thing or two about Thanksgiving.

Turkey day is upon us and the only thing on everyone's mind is food, family, and fun, but if you ask little kids about the holiday, their answers might surprise you.

"The pilgrims started celebrating Thanksgiving, if they didn't they would die," said first grader Daniel Sanchez Urban.

The first graders at Frank Rushton Elementary School aren't shy when it comes to sharing their dislike for traditional Thanksgiving food, and the not so traditional.

"I do not like the carrots because they're hard and my mom doesn't cook them," said Luis Becerra.

"I usually never like to eat the turkey," Sofia Shannon-Burks said.

"My grandpa doesn't like turkey, so we have ham instead," said Andreas Huddleston.

"Strawberries...they have too much salt," Sanchez Urban said.

"Well I think we're going to eat pizza," said Dulce Ortega.

Still haven't figured out how to cook your turkey? They've got you covered.

"First you chop off the head, then you take off all the feathers, then you put it in the oven, then you take it out," said Shannon-Burks.

"You kind of put some, kind of like, I think lemon juice," Huddleston said.

"You put it in the oven for 10 hours," said Sanchez Urban. "No I mean 10 minutes!"

"We just buy it," Ortega said.

Let's not forget the temperature to cook it.

"Eleven degrees?" asked Becerra.

" four degrees," Sanchez Urban said.

"60?" guessed Shannon-Burks.

"Hmm high?"  Huddleston said. "I don't know!"

There are certainly things that annoy them on the holiday, and their probably not alone.

"I have to sit and hear everybody talk," said Jayla Jenkins. "It's boring!"

Although their answers differ, there's one thing that they all agree on. They all say they're thankful for their families.



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