INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — First Lady Dr. Jill Biden visited the Truman Presidential Library and Museum Wednesday afternoon meeting with students and teachers before heading to a political event for the Biden Victory Fund in Kansas City.

After first meeting local dignitaries, Biden headed in to the Truman Library and Museum’s Civics Gallery where she got to view a center piece from President Harry Truman and his desk in the oval office, “The Buck Stops Here.”

“There’s that placard there and it was the reminder I am the final decision maker. I use it all the time, you guys you are the final decision makers in your life you have to make it, you can’t just keep passing the buck,” Cameron May, a teacher at Frontier School of Excellence, said after showing Biden the sign.

From there Biden headed to the White House Decision Room where she watched a mock White House press briefing as three young “President Trumans” from William Chrisman High School made the same decision 75 years later to desegregate the military.

“I realized it takes a lot to be in the government because you have to read all these documents and answer all these questions and you never know what is coming next,” sophomore D’Andre Roberson said.

“It was super cool to be able to meet her and her demeanor was just so friendly when I shook her hand it wasn’t like I was speaking to a high ranking person in government it was just like a neighbor,” another student Jacob Gragg said.

Finally she laid a bouquet of flowers from the White House Cutting Garden on Truman and former First Lady Bess Truman’s graves.

One Park Hill teacher took the chance to give some Kansas City flare to his lesson on the executive office he gave Mrs. Biden.

“As the Chief Executive President Biden would have welcomed the Chiefs to the White House and I knew the First Lady was an Eagles fan so I just had to go there and display Chiefs pride,” Kurtis Werner said.

Biden responded the Eagles would be back in the Super Bowl this year.

While the First Lady didn’t say whether she was a subscriber to the New Heights podcast, featuring Jason Kelce of the Eagles and Travis Kelce of the Chiefs, she did reference Taylor Swift’s appearance with their mother in an Arrowhead suite Sunday.

“It’s been quite a week for visitors,” she said to donors at the fundraiser where she referenced a looming government shutdown and warned of the consequences of Republicans taking back the White House.