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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The first day of 2021 brought snow and ice and led to a lot of traffic troubles around the metro.

Hundreds of crashes were reported as the winter storm rolled through the area Friday.

“One of my friends today, she skid around and did a whole 180 on Wornall right there behind you, was facing oncoming traffic. It’s been kind of wild,” metro driver Garrison Bruce said.

“People are still out. They are skidding and sliding down hills. [I’ve] seen a little bit of everything,” said Lonzo Jackson who owns a snow plow company. “I’ve been doing this for 35 years.”

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said throughout the day, they responded to 217 calls for service, investigated 59 crashes where seven people were injured and checked on 82 stranded motorists.

Kansas Highway Patrol responded to approximately 25 crashes and 100 calls for service.

“It was so pretty and nice to be snuggled in and not have to be somewhere. Pretty lucky,” Cindy Grossman said.

As the snow stopped, Grossman and many others began to clear out driveways, sidewalks and untreated roadways.

“Let’s pretend like we are going to actually get out and about, but probably won’t,” Grossman said.

Officials are worried about roadways icing up overnight. They advise drivers to take it slow, don’t let your guard down, and stay home if you can.