First responders warned town when tornado sirens didn’t sound in Selden, Kansas


SELDEN, Kan. — Dozens of homes and properties were damaged in Selden, Kansas, after an EF-1 tornado hit Monday night.

It was a scary night for the small Kansas town as sirens didn’t sound, KSNW reports, but no one was injured. Now the cleanup begins.

Sheridan County Fire Training Chief Steve Hirsch is no stranger to the aftermath of a tornado. Back in 2007, he helped with the response to the deadly Greensburg tornado.

“Our state association does training for fire departments across the state, and we actually happened to be in Lakin that night,” he said. “So we drove over to Greensburg, got there about midnight. And you know, just complete utter devastation over there.”

When he responded Monday night to the aftermath of the tornado in Selden, he was prepared for the worst.

“From what I was hearing on radio traffic, I would not have been surprised to pull into this community and see a Greensburg type incident,” he said.

The county emergency manager reported trees down, buildings and homes damaged, a train overturned and a silo destroyed. But there were no injuries.

Hirsch said when the power went out, the tornado sirens didn’t sound and first responders had to alert the community, driving around town with their sirens blaring.

One of his own men had a close call while warning residents.

“I had the tornado come across the front of my truck, and it blew out my side windows, my back windows, and I had a power line brush across the back of my neck,” said Capt. Micah Goscha with the Sheridan County Fire Department.

He came out with just a few scratches.

While the chief said the community support was similar to the Greensburg storm, this one hit closer to home. As for the town’s future, he added: “This community is going to come back. It will be as strong as it was before. No doubt.”

Sheridan County Sheriff Brandon Carver said 38 properties have major damage and another 84 have minor damage.

Check out drone video of the Selden tornado damage below:

See more photos of Selden tornado damage:

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