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URICH, Mo. —  Police in Henry County say they recovered a body floating in the Grand River late last night.

They’ll need autopsy results to know how it ended up there.

Henry County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Hills his office doesn’t know the man’s name, or how long he’d been floating in the Grand River. That agency was alerted to the body by a fisherman, who called them last night around 6 p.m.

Henry County sheriff’s deputies spent the day seeking answers on the riverbanks. Hills says the body is that of a white man, believed to be in his 30’s. Hills says it doesn’t match the description of any missing person reported near his county.

“There was some trauma to the head area,” Hills said. “We really couldn’t tell at this point what it is.”

Hills adds this case is a shock to that community, since reported murders are rare there.

“We usually investigate homicides here in Henry County every couple of years,” Hills said. “It’s not something we come across even one a year or every other year. It’s about three years or more when we discover bodies such as this.”

Police aren’t sure where the body first wound up in the river, or how far it may have floated.

Deputy Hills said his office is still waiting for results from medical examiners.

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