Five inmates allegedly attack another inmate inside bunk area at KC’s temporary jail

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Five inmates have been accused of assaulting another inmate late Thursday night at Kansas City’s temporary jail.

Kansas City inmates are housed at the Heartland Center for Behavioral Change, located at 1514 Campbell Street, now that the city’s contract with the Jackson County Detention Center has ended.

The assault was caught on video, and four of the five inmates who carried out the attack were charged.

The victim made it out with just a small cut on his eyebrow.

Kansas City police got a call about an assault at the post-conviction side of the center. An inmate told officers five other inmates assaulted him in a bunk area. Two employees tried to break up the fight, but were unsuccessful.

The victim went to the hospital, then back to Heartland in a different unit, away from his attackers.

KCPD said since June 26 they’ve been called 13 times to help with fights at Heartland.

A spokesperson for the City of Kansas City sent FOX4 this statement:

“There are security protocols in place at Heartland Center to minimize incidents like this. A new director just started a few days ago so even these protocols will be re-evaluated for possible improvements. We’re also going to have one of our corporate safety managers conduct a field assessment at Heartland to see what else can be done to improve safety conditions.”

Heartland Center for Behavioral Change is a nonprofit that describes its self as a detox and substance use treatment center. Now its contracted to also house up to 110 inmates.

As for a permanent solution for a place to hold city inmates, a Kansas City spokesperson said they put out a request for proposals. The deadline was the first of this month, and now they’re evaluating the responses to fix the lack of jail space.



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