Flash flooding creates soggy mess for Kansas City drivers on SW Boulevard

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Heavy rains Thursday created a messy flash-flooding situation around the metro.

In Kansas City’s Midtown, an intersection prone to flooding was hit hard again. Thankfully, work is currently underway to alleviate the problem.

Water could be seen rushing down 31st Street, making the road look more like a river with pallets floating by.

“It was pretty crazy down here for a while,” one witness said.

Security camera footage from Patrick’s Heating & Cooling Supply shows the rain pouring down, and one driver after another trying to push through the knee-deep water.

“If they go a little slower, some might have a chance of making it, but they just hit the high water and floor it,” tow truck driver Frankie Wrigley said.

One SUV stuck in the deep water got a little help from a box truck passing by and was eventually able to make it out unscathed.

Nearby business owners are thankful no one was seriously hurt, especially because the spot has been under construction with metal plates covering deep holes in the road.

“If the plates would’ve moved — and they could have easily moved — they would have dropped. Big trucks going over that could’ve easily just flipped over and gone into the hole,” said Pat Jones, owner of Patrick’s Heating & Cooling Supply.

KC Water is working with the US Army Corps of Engineers to install six new storm pipes underground to help ease the frequent flooding at 31st & Southwest Boulevard.

Utility work is already done. The next step is boring down deep to install those 96-inch-wide pipes under the railroad crossing, connecting them to the Turkey Creek tunnel.

“Oh, that’ll be great because we get not only all that rain, but after we get all the dirt and debris. It gets dusty down here, and we have to breathe it all and that makes it really bad, too. We can’t wait for it to be done,” Jones said.

KC Water said the work should be completed in late 2020. So hopefully by next spring, drivers will no longer be getting stuck and stranded in deep flood waters at that intersection.



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