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TAMPA — Ybor City, a district near downtown Tampa, features the flavors and aromas of Cuba. From hand rolled cigars to Cuban coffee, the area of shops, restaurants, and bars is a haven for locals and tourists.

For those seeking those flavors and aromas, Tabanero Cigars caters to both.

“We are known for the best Cuban coffee in Ybor City,” Karen Lozano told FOX4 during our trip to the Super Bowl.

Bragging? Perhaps, but the manager of the store which has “cigar” in its name, does concoct a solid cup of Cuban brew. And hand packs cigars in the same store.

“It’s not about numbers, it’s about quality,” she added.

Opened 10 years ago by a businessman who immigrated from Cuba with his parents at 15, Tabanero has grown into not just a store, but maker of fine cigars in an off-site facility.

Business slowed during the pandemic, and the shop closed briefly, but Lozano says they weathered the storm and are back open and busy. Sales dropped 70%, but online orders kept the business afloat, even as it was forced to lay off workers.

Now that it’s back open, business is picking up again, though finding cigar rollers has been tough.

“It’s not easy to find people who want to roll cigars,” Lozano said. “They come from Cuba, they work with us for a couple of months. There are so many opportunities in this country.”

In other words, they find higher paying jobs in construction or other trades. So for now, cigars are snipped and packed, with rollers from Nicaragua on the way by March.

Meantime, a steady stream of customers just days before the Super Bowl strolled in for the sights and senses of all things Cuba.

“You are in the right place,” Lozano smiled. “All things Cuban.”

Check out more of what they have to offer here.