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KANSAS CITY, Mo — American Airlines flight 1775 had to make an emergency landing at MCI this afternoon. The flight was headed from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. when an unruly passenger tried to cause chaos mid-flight.

According to another passenger on the plane, Mouaz Moustafa, some aboard weren’t initially aware of what was going on.

“A flight attendant comes to the middle of the plane where I am, yells to another flight attendant in the back to turn on the lights. At this time, the plane starts descending very rapidly, I think we reached 5,000 feet per minute,” Moustafa said.

Passengers on the plane started to assume the worst.

“As that’s happening, a lot of people don’t know what’s really going on. I mean, people assume, maybe something happened to the pilot, maybe we’re just literally crashing. So, a lot of people, including me, honestly thought we might, this might be it.”

Courtesy: Mouaz Moustafa/Twitter

When those aboard realized what was going on, they acted quickly.

“One of the flight attendants jumps all the way to the back and grabs a coffee pot and walks up to the front,” Moustafa said.

“There’s a man who’s trying to get into the cockpit, and afterwards, also tried to open the door to get out the plane. So, some of the passengers that were very heroic, helped the flight attendant who went to the back and got the coffee pot, came up and kept, sort of, bashing him in the head.”

After the whole situation was over, the plane landed safely at MCI around 2:30 p.m. followed by police and the FBI interviewing passengers. The individual aboard the plane was taken into custody.

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