KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Flights have resumed a normal schedule Wednesday at Kansas City International Airport after a Federal Aviation Administration computer system failure disrupted flight operations.

Early Wednesday, the FAA reported the computer failure would affect flights across the country, including at KCI Airport.

Hundreds of travelers at KCI were impacted Wednesday by the FAA’s system outage.

“Scary, unnerving, you don’t know what’s going,” flyer Qiana Anthony said.

Her flight was mid-air when the pilot came on and told the passengers they had to turn back around and land at KCI.

“I think right now maybe delayed two and a half hours,” Kate Ontko said.

Those delays and cancellations caused frustration and confusion for travelers just trying to get to their destination.

“Unfortunately, we have a connecting flight in Chicago, so we don’t know how that’s going to play out, but we’re hoping for the best,” Lana Sobolevskaya said.

Other travelers said they want to see more accountability from airline officials when thousands of travelers are impacted on such a large scale problem like Wednesday’s outage.

“You pay for the service. You want to be able to know that, hey when I get there everything’s going to be OK. I want to get on my flight, get where I’m going,” Matt Freije said.

KCI encourages travelers to check the airport’s flight status site or their airline website for the latest flight information.