Flood waters creeping up, swelling rivers around Kansas City area


PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. — Clay, Ray, Carroll, and Platte Counties were all dealing with floodwater over roads and at near-record levels on Sunday.

Interurban Road near Sharp’s Station Road had water rushing over two separate parts of pavement. The water was coming from the bloated Platte River.

“It’s probably about five foot deep out there,” Scott Henson, who’s lived in the area for 35 years, said.

He indicated areas that could be as deep at 15 feet.

“Came down and there was a police car down here with a tow truck – was just loading the car up. Said the lady had driven into it, flooded out,” Henson said, sharing that the driver was okay.

Despite the saturated earth, there’s one thing likely not floating away, Henson said.

“The kids kept stealing the sign,” Henson said of the sign that leads to his home, Rattlesnake Cut. “And the road district had to make a special sign with a special pole. There’s a steel base, cement, dirt, and then me and a neighbor put more cement.”

“There’s been times before the pole gets painted where you can see where chains have been wrapped around it. They tried to pull it out, and it doesn’t work,” Henson said.

The Platte River at Sharp’s Station is expected to crest overnight Sunday at 36.2 feet. That is just short of the record: 36.4 feet.

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