Flooding concerns heighten for some as remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon approaches metro

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – People living along Indian Creek in south KC are monitoring the weather closely as remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon head for the Midwest.

It’s a good problem for those living in drought-stricken areas, but the forecast for heavy rain is a frightening reminder of last year’s southside flash floods.

“You’re always on your toes,” said Debbie Smith, who lives near 103rd and Wornall. “I mean you have to be.”

She’s lives on Washington Street, which borders Indian Creek, for eight years and has been through five floods during that time.

“I have a bag packed right now in case I have to go again,” she said.

Smith said the worst flooding she’s ever experienced was on July 27, 2017.

“It came up really close to my neighbor’s yard to where I actually packed up and went up to my dad’s house,” Smith said.

Indian Creek spilled its bank, flooding businesses and destroying two homes on Smith’s street.

“This car had actually been picked up by the water and moved off the driveway,” her husband, Gary Nelson, said while pointing to pictures of the flood.

He chose not to leave and prayed their home would be spared; it wasn't damaged.

“Every once and a while, I sleep with one eye open, and I’m always walking down there checking on the creek,” Nelson said.

On Wednesday, the couple didn’t think the creek’s water levels were too threatening. But FOX4 meteorologists predict some parts of the region could see up to 6 inches of rain by the end of the weekend as remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon moves across the region.

“When it’s going to rain for three to four days straight, and 5 or 6 inches, that scares the hell out me,” Smith said.

The prediction is a bit concerning for the couple because their part of town has already been saturated with rain.

“I think there’s been a pattern change over the last several years from the QuickTrip construction, “Nelson said. “A lot of the runoff has been replaced with concrete.”

They’re prepared to leave if Mother Nature threatens their street again, but they’re hopeful it won’t come to that.

“Depending on what we get in the next couple days could be a whole game changer,” Smith said. “It could be scary unless there are breaks in between the rain.”

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