LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — North of the Kansas City metro floodwaters closed roadways and caused a general mess in some areas already saturated by rain.

At Sevenmile Creek in the city of Leavenworth, neighbors predict the water flow will again cause problems in the low part of the city.

But there are also issues with this much rain in the hills — where you might not expect it.

All the sheep living at Jet Produce and Meats have to deal with the same rain their farmer Jacob Thomas has to.

“So when it was raining this morning, they were all undercover,” Thomas said.

“We really were anticipating it to be a dry year. Kind of that everything we had seen was indicating more of a dry weather — maybe drought conditions this summer. And so we set up our fields for that scenario. So all this rain the last two weeks has really thrown us off our game,” Thomas said.

Some crops have been damaged by water holding in spots where the ground can’t take anymore.

“I had one field that washed out all of the seed. The heavy rain like we had this morning — it just comes down so fast it just washes away the dirt,” Thomas said.

“We can’t go into the field with a tractor. We’ve got to wear mud boots — the ones that go up to your knees practically to go into the fields. And generally we try not to go in them when it’s this muddy because it’s too difficult,” Thomas said.

That’s also the verdict from neighbors — a challenging spring blunted only by diversifying output.

“We raise beef, pork, lamb, chicken, ducks. We kind of raise it all,” Thomas said.

“Don’t worry about it too much because you can’t control it. We always hope for the best, plan for the worst. We try to, like on the crops, we try to overplant things anyway,” Thomas said.