Floodwaters once again causing concerns, problems in Craig and northern Missouri

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CRAIG, Mo. — One northwest Missouri town that flooded earlier this year is once again facing the threat of going under.

The threat is so real in Craig, the Holt County Sheriff’s Office issued a mandatory evacuation earlier Wednesday.

Just east of Craig, officials were concerned the Little Tarkio Creek would spill its banks after the region got 7-8 inches of rain Tuesday night and the creek began to rise.

It’s started to go down — but Craig isn’t in the clear just yet.

“They’ve got water coming in, backing in from the river again,” Holt County Presiding Commissioner Tom Bullock said.

Two months ago the swollen Missouri River inundated this northwest Missouri town. Residents said the town still hasn’t recovered.

“Big Tarkio’s out there with levees broke — big breaks, not just little breaks, big breaks. Every time the river comes high again, it puts more water right back around here,” Bullock said.

They’ve built levees made of dirt and sandbags around the town, but the Missouri River could continue to rise through the end of the week.

“The river is supposed to go to 25.2 (feet) by Saturday, and that’s pretty high,” Bullock said.

Mike French said residents are struggling. The tractor repair shop owner said he hasn’t been able to do any work since the March flood.

“With the damage and what we’ve lost with the inventory, we’ve lost a couple hundred thousand,” he said.

Mother Nature has be wreaking havoc all across northern Missouri recently.

A video of shared by a FOX4 viewer shows flooding in Trenton reaching as far as you can see. Drone footage in Chillicothe shows floodwater creeping just below billboards and bridges.

It’s forcing MoDOT and local authorities to shut down roads and highways, including Interstate 29 north of St. Joseph.

While Bullock is trying to keep a positive attitude, French thinks this might be the last straw for the town he’s done business in for the last  20 years.

“This town is going to be dead,” French said.

Close to 300 people lived in Craig before the March flood. Now, only 25-30 people still call the town home.

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