Florida restaurant featured in Pepsi’s new ad campaign supporting Black-owned restaurants


HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — A popular Florida restaurant is getting worldwide recognition.

The restaurant, 7th + Grove, is one of several across the country featured in Pepsi’s latest ad campaign called Pepsi Dig In. It’s a platform that supports Black-owned restaurants by providing training, business growth opportunities and raising visibility for the industry.

Dr. Jamaris Glenn is the co-owner of the 7th + Grove and says the 30-second featured video played on television during the recent Tampa Bay Buccaneers game.

“This opportunity means everything,” Glenn said. “There was excitement, nervousness, anxiety but it was a beautiful experience.”

Pepsi Dig In is part of Pepsico’s journey to racial equality and $50 million commitment over the next five years to strengthening Black-owned small businesses.

Glenn is thrilled that his restaurant is part of the initiative but even more thrilled that the Black-owned restaurant industry is center stage.

“It shows they believe in visibility as well,” Glenn said. “The big guy can showcase the little guy.”



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