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SUMMERFIELD, Fla. — Florida police say a woman nearly drowned after drunkenly crashing her car into a fire hydrant. The spewing water from the hydrant created a giant hole that swallowed up her car.

Crews also had to rescue another woman who stopped to help.

Deputies say when 21-year-old Alexandrea Runyon smashed into a fire hydrant, water started gushing so fast that it sucked Runyon and her car right down into the water abyss.

A woman and her son tried to help but in the process the hole opened up even more and took the man’s mom down with it. Now he’s trying to save his mother and Runyon and says Runyon wasn’t helping at all.

When deputies and fire firefighters arrived, they found both women clutching onto the car like they were dangling off a cliff.

Runyon was arrested for DUI.

And the first responders, well, they filed this under just when you think you’ve seen it all.