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SEDALIA, Mo. — One of the other highlights of fairs is often the food.

When it comes to fair foods, you really can’t beat a funnel cake. There are now dozens of flavors of the fried dessert, and one family’s been in the business of making the perfect cakes for nearly 100 years.

The perfect funnel cake starts with the perfect mix of batter.

“It has to be the right consistency to make them just big and fluffy,” said Treston Taylor with McKinney Food Services.

Then a delicate swirl of batter is dropped into the fryer.

“When it gets a good golden color, you flip it,” Taylor said.

Treston Taylor is only 17, but he’s been flipping funnel cakes since he was about eight years old. His family’s operated food stands at fairs nationwide since 1927, and he’s loved every minute of his time in the family business.

“Well if you don’t have fun in here, then you’re not really working for one! And if you’re not having fun, the day goes by slowly. It’s the fair! Who doesn’t love going to the fair?” said Taylor.

Plenty of people have already been lining up to get their hands on the crispy cakes during the first day of the state fair. And Taylor, who calls Texas home, is looking forward to several more days in Missouri before the family’s truck of treats rolls on to fairs in Illinois.