Following CDC guidelines, metro family says they aren’t scared to trick-or-treat during pandemic


OLATHE, Kan. — This year, having a safe Halloween in the traditional sense might be tricky. The CDC released new guidelines surrounding trick-or-treating and keeping your family safe.

One Johnson County, Kansas mom is not scared to move forward with their family’s plans to hunt for treats door-to-door, but with restrictions.

You see how much Megan McCord’s family loves Halloween by the dozens of decorations that cover her lawn.

“It’s my Christmas,” McCord said laughing.

But this year, the CDC is squashing those plans, to a certain extent, scared that people will spread the coronavirus.

According to the new recommendations, traditional trick-or-treating door-to-door should be avoided, along with trunk-or-treats and crowded costume parties indoors.

Instead, the CDC suggests a virtual costume contest or Halloween scavenger hunt.

At the Halloween Express in Olathe, owner Gene Brake said costume sales are up a little from last year.

Decorations have been a big hit with more people staying home or have small house parties.

“We didn’t know what to expect this year we’ve been surprised,” Brake said. “We’ve been doing quite well and I think people are ready to celebrate this holiday.”

The CDC is discouraging costume masks, saying they’re not a substitute for the cloth ones. Although not as fun and festive, wearing your everyday mask is – if you decide to go out – is your best bet at staying safe.

“It’s tricky this year because this is the first year she like really, really understand what trick-or-treating is, so she’s super excited,” McCord said.

Dressed as a “Fruit Family” McCord said they’re still taking a stab at house in the neighborhood, but only asking for candy from familiar faces.

“At this point, as long as we just stay around the people that we know and that we know are being responsible and are doing the guidelines, I don’t really have a problem with it because we see those people already,” McCord said.

For people adamant about passion out candy, the agency suggests pre-making goody bags (after washing your hands for 20 seconds).

Then, leave the treats at the end of the driveway or yard for the witches, ghosts and goblins to snatch up.



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