After close call, Bonner Springs officer describes hit-and-run where motorcyclist is still sought

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BONNER SPRINGS, Kan. — A police officer is recovering after a motorcycle driver hit him and took off.

The hit-and-run happened during a traffic stop on K-7 near westbound Interstate 70 on Tuesday, and now Bonner Springs police are looking for the driver.

Police got pretty good video of the guy who hit the officer with his sport bike, but the guy had a helmet on, so all they have to go on is the bike and the fact that the guy had tattoos on his right arm.

“For public safety it is probably good that we find him,” said Bonner Springs Police Officer Alex Gould. “If he is willing to do that to me, then what is he willing to do to other people?”

The motorcycle rider hit Gould with his bike and ran over his foot while trying to get away. It was caught on officer Gould’s body cam.

“I was debating on whether or not to even stop him,” Gould said of the traffic stop. “Our cars won’t keep up with sport bike, not many cars will.”

Gould saw the sport bike being driven dangerously on I-70. The driver was speeding and weaving in and out of traffic.

“Most of the time if they’re driving like that, in my experience and you go to stop them, they are just going to run from you anyway,” Gould said.

The driver spotted the officer and slowed down to exit on to K-7, allowing Gould to catch up and try to pull the motorcycle over.

“And by this time, I had my lights and siren on. I was trying to stop him and on the second curve he overshot, and he went down the grass embankment. It is probably 20, 30-foot grass embankment,” Gould said. “I was expecting him to be laid out at the bottom of the hill, but he kept the bike up and he was hammering down, trying to get back to K-7.”

Gould followed him down into the embankment, got out of his car, pulled his gun and ordered the driver to stop. But instead of stopping, the driver came towards the officer, hitting him, then taking off.

“I limped myself back to the car and tried to get after him, but him being on a sport bike, like I said, being on that blacktop he was gone,” Gould said.

Now police are looking for the motorcycle driver. Gould says in his experience people don’t usually run from the cops for no reason during a traffic stop, so there’s a good chance the guy is already wanted.

Bonner Springs police say they have gotten some good leads about who the motorcycle driver is. If you can help find him, they ask that you call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

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