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NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Flavors from all over the metro stop in one place…and it’s giving people in North Kansas City all kinds of lunch options — for now.

Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. you’ll see a food truck “pod” parked in Macken Park in North Kansas City.

“Food trucks are kind of taking over now,” says Joshua Hook, the co-owner of Helen’s on Wheels Grill.

The five-month trial period for the food truck “pod” program is underway, and Hook says business has been great.

“This is where you want to come if you want to try some different stuff every day,” adds Hook.

Despite the rain today — many people waited in line to chow down.

“It`s great to be able to have some other food options during lunch,” says one customer, Sean Galloway.

Customers include students from the local high school.

“It`s a shorter walking distance, so we don`t have to rush to get our food, to go back to school, and then eat it in class,” says Payton Weddington, a student.

But not everybody is so thrilled.

“With the food trucks where they`re placed, they can walk out of high school, look across the street and they have a food choice – they can`t see me from the high school, they can`t see my restaurant,” says Phil Shaver, the co-owner of The Little Store two blocks away, “It’s going to have a long term effect on my business.”

Shaver says he’s not opposed to the mobile food trucks.

“It was the placement of the food trucks that we felt was unfair,” Shaver adds.

He says a lot of his business comes from the local students — and setting up shop across the street is an unfair advantage.

“They have a right to make a living just like I do, so find a different spot, and then if they can`t come to an agreement on that, then vote that out,” Shaver says, “Or that we at least stop until we can come to an agreement on what`s going to be best for all the businesses involved, not just mine, but the food trucks, and the other restaurants in town.”

“I think any time there`s going to be a little competition they don`t like it, you know, they`re entitled to their business, we`re entitled to ours,” adds Hook.

This is just the trial phase for the food truck pod– North Kansas City city council is expected to vote on if it remains here on September 1st.