Footsteps echoed in downtown Kansas City and those footsteps carried a powerful message


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Silence speaks volumes Sunday evening as protesters march without saying a word.

They started at City Market Park, made their way to 19th Street in the Crossroads and back — letting their signs and silence speak for themselves.

All the while, we only heard the sound of footsteps and maybe a car honking in support.

The peaceful protest was organized by Black Lives Matter KC to mourn the lives stolen due to civil racism.

“A lot of people are going to be angry. A lot of people are going to be sad. A lot of people are going to see excitement for change in our community, but ultimately that’s the least we can do for those who lost someone in the community our moment of silence,” Co-president of BLM KC Justice Horn said.

For 3.5 miles, protesters let their signs and T-shirts to do the talking sending the message, “black lives matter.”

They marched from the River Market to the Crossroads in solidarity with George Floyd and so many more. Before hundreds set out on this peaceful protest in silence, organizers reminded everyone “Why We March.”

Organizer Sam Wells said, “silence is deafening”. First time protester, Anjel Lapoint agreed.

“I think in a way it brings us together. If everyone is able to stay silent were using our bodies and our presence to speak louder than any angry video could and saying hateful things and just screaming wildly into the wind, “ Lapointe said. “Just stay quiet and be in unison, I feel like that is going to be powerful.”

Lapointe wrote the names of too many lives lost on her T-shirt remembering those killed here in Kansas City and across the country.

“It’s hard to just point to a name and say ‘oh, well this person passed away due to this, due to that.’ I feel like it’s tragic, it’s heartbreaking, and it shouldn’t be this way, Lapoint said.

The peaceful protesters made it back to the park and continued to sit in silence.

The silence was broken by an emotional reading of the names written on so many peoples shirts. People who lost their lives at the hands of police.

BLM is planning another peaceful protest at KCK City Hall Monday from 11a to 1p.



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