BELTON, Mo. — A former substitute teacher for the Belton School District has pleaded guilty to multiple sex crimes against children.

Jason Carey withdrew his plea of not guilty on Tuesday in Cass County court and pleaded guilty to all 12 counts, including child molestation, stalking, promoting child pornography and statutory sodomy from September 2022, with some dating back more than a decade ago.

Prosecutors first charged Carey with child molestation, child enticement, and giving, or trying to give, pornography to a minor in September 2022.

In that case, an 8th-grade student told a principal that Carey sent her inappropriate pictures. The principal reported the incident to the school resource officer, according to the probable cause statement.

The court document states a group of middle school girls spent the night together Sept. 17, 2022. During the sleepover, several girls used Snapchat to communicate with Carey. The document shows Carey is accused of sending several inappropriate videos and messages to the girls during the sleepover.

The probable cause statement also includes allegations that Carey molested a girl in August 2022. The girl told investigators she spent the night with a friend. She said Carey is a roommate who lives at the same house as her friend’s family.

Authorities in a Denver, Colorado suburb believe Carey may have more victims there while he lived in the area from 2014-2021. The Douglas County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office and Parker, Colorado Police Department are now asking potential victims to come forward eight months after Carey’s arrest in Missouri.

While in Colorado, Carey worked closely with children at several organizations. Police said he even dressed up in costume and would go out and do birthday parties as Thor.

He is scheduled to be sentenced in Cass County at 9 a.m. on Dec. 13, 2023.