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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil was officially inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame today.

He is the third Chiefs head coach to join the Hall of Fame, with the other two being Hank Stram and Marv Levy. He coached five seasons with the franchise.

Vermeil had most of his coaching success with the Philadelphia Eagles and St. Louis Rams as he made a Super Bowl appearance with both teams, winning one with the latter.

Although Vermeil didn’t have equivalent coaching success as he did with the other two teams, he helped revitalize the Chiefs offense and end a seven-year playoff drought and was well-received among Chiefs Kingdom.

He also had a part in helping bring current Chiefs head coach and longtime friend Andy Reid to Kansas City.

In fact, Vermeil expressed his appreciation toward the Hunt family and Andy Reid during his Hall of Fame speech, as they went to congratulate Vermeil the night before the induction ceremony.

“Head coach in training camp, left training camp, flew here to say congratulations to me personally last night,” Vermeil said.

“I have never had, in my coaching career, a better display of respect for someone else in the profession that you’re in than what Andy Reid did for me last night.”

Vermeil also thanked his assistants that were with him during his Chiefs tenure.

Vermeil is forever indebted in many Chiefs fans hearts and can now call himself a Hall of Famer.