Former employee unsurprised to see metro business owner arrested, named leader of $300M scam


SHAWNEE, Kan. – A former employee of a Johnson County telemarketing company whose owner was arrested this week said he’s not surprised.

Mark Naines, who worked as a telemarketer for Subscription Ink last year, said he believed much of what he was asked to do was illegal.

“We were told that all of the phone numbers came from people that had filled out information on their website, but judging by the calls I was getting, I could tell that was not true,” Naines said.

He estimated that one out of every 10 calls he made was to someone on the No Call List.

Naines, who said he was fired after his first month for not meeting sales goals, sold a medical alert device to seniors called SafeLife 365.

According to a class action lawsuit filed last year, SafeLife was a frequent violator of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The lawsuit alleged that SafeLife made unwanted calls to cell phones using automated dialing systems and recorded voices. The law prohibits telemarketers from those practices without first getting the consent of the consumer.

Naimes said he worked out of the same Shawnee office building that the feds raided Tuesday. That’s the same day Naines’ former boss, Russell Rahm, was also arrested.

Rahm was one of 60 defendants in a national sting operation involving deceptive magazine sales, which the US Attorney’s Office accused of targeting the elderly and the vulnerable.



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