Former Harrisonville coach sentenced to 8 years in prison for sexual contact with student


HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — A former Harrisonville High School teacher and coach has been sentenced to prison for sexual contact with a student.

Joseph Dahman pleaded guilty in Cass County court to two counts of sexual contact with a student. He was sentenced Thursday to four years in prison for each count.

Dahman was criminally charged in with five counts of sexual contact with a student while he worked as an ISS/Focus Facilitator and strength and conditioning coach. The sex crimes date back to 2017.

Dahman was the subject of two civil lawsuits, which were settled in February 2020 for a total of $4 million

Dahman’s father, Frank Dahman, was superintendent of Harrisonville School District at the time of the crimes.  

The district and father and son, among others, were named in both suits, but the district was later released as a defendant.

Joseph Dahman resigned from the school in September 2017, and Frank Dahman was placed on leave and later retired in 2018 as superintendent.

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