Former Jackson County deputy sentenced to 180 days in jail as shock time for 2019 shooting


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Jackson County judge on Thursday sentenced a former Jackson County sheriff’s deputy to 180 days in jail as shock time for shooting a woman in the back during a August 2019 incident following the deputy’s attempt to arrest her.

The judge also sentenced 31-year-old Lauren N. Michael to six years in prison, but suspended execution of that sentence and placed her on probation for four years. 

Michael will report next week to the county jail in Andrews County, Missouri, and be responsible for all costs. 

Michael  pleaded guilty in January to first-degree assault. As part of a plea agreement, the state of Missouri agreed to not seek that Michael be sentenced to no more than six years in prison. At a minimum, the agreement stated the judge could impose 120-shock time in jail.

On Thursday, the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office advocated for the judge to sentence Michael to six years in prison for the shooting of a 25-year-old woman who was seen riding a scooter down Main Street. “She aimed and fired repeatedly,” Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Dion Sankar stated. “And then you lied to cover up your act.”

Sankar told the judge the prison sentence would show the community that no one would be above being held accountable for their actions. “We are here today,” he said, “to ask for equal justice.” 

According to court documents, Michael was working traffic in the Westport area with other deputies when they saw two people on a Bird scooter, traveling south on Main Street in the northbound lanes of traffic. One deputy gave a verbal order for the driver to stop but the two people on the scooter continued on.

Deputies caught up to the two on the scooter near 37th and Main Street. A deputy took the driver into custody and attempted to detain the second person on the scooter, a 25-year-old woman. She ran south and a deputy went after her on foot.

A deputy also told his sergeant over the radio that the only charge he had on her was failure to obey a lawful order by running from him.

Michael continued to search the area for the woman. She located her sitting close to the street in the 4000 block of Oak Street. According to her dash camera video, the woman stood up and walked toward the deputy. They then moved out of view of the dash camera until Michael is seen attempting to detain her. The deputy grabbed her hair and pulled her to the ground, and a drink the woman was holding spilled on Michael.

The video then only shows the woman’s legs and a small portion of Michael’s left side. Shortly after, the video shows the woman’s legs twitch and she suddenly gets up and runs away. Seconds later, smoke is seen blowing into the video’s view, presumably the result of Michael’s firing of her weapon. Michael advised dispatch that shots were fired and she had been tased.

Michael stated that the woman resisted her when she attempted to put her in handcuffs, according to court records. Nothing she had done was stopping the woman, she stated, and she feared the woman would take her firearm and use it against her so she drew her weapon and fired three to four shots.

The woman stated that Michael took her to the ground, then tased her. She reacted to being tased, she said, by pushing the Taser away and getting up and running. While she was running, she was shot in the back. Crime scene personnel from the Kansas City Police Department located five spent .40 caliber casings and Michael’s Taser. Analysis of the Taser revealed both of its cartridges were used within 3 seconds, which did not support Michael’s statement that after she tased the woman, the woman fought her for the Taser, then the woman used it on the deputy.

Crime scene personnel also identified damage from a bullet to a vehicle some distance away from where the woman struggled with Michael. The damaged vehicle was in the direction that the woman ran from Michael.

The woman was identified by her attorney in 2019 as Britney Simek. He tells FOX4 she served in the Coast Guard from July 2014 through February 2017 and was honorably discharged.

Jackson County Sheriff Department’s records show that in May 2017, Michael shot and killed Donald Sneed, who ran from her at a Raytown Walmart. Michael knew him to have active felony warrants for his arrest for tampering with a motor vehicle and robbery. Michael was working off-duty at the time. Michael reportedly claims the man took her Taser and after being tased in the face she shot the man multiple times. Michael was awarded a Medal of Valor for her role in that incident.

After sentencing Michael on Thursday, the Jackson County judge heard from the mother of Sneed, who was shot and killed by Michael in May 2017. She expressed anger about little for her actions.

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