Former Johnson County Christian school leader’s case heads to jury

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OLATHE, Kan. — A jury is now considering the fate of a former Johnson County Christian school leader. Dennis Creason faces six counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child.

His trial began a week ago, and was sent to the jury late Monday. The case really boils down to credibility and who should be believed.

Creason took the stand denying he ever made sexual contact with students and referred to his former community at Oaklawn Christian school in Shawnee as family.

In closing arguments his defense team tried to shred the state’s case, saying parents of the alleged victims were caught in a bad game of telephone with their own kids where information was shared and details changed.

But prosecutors say the five young girls who have testified in this case were terrified of confronting Creason and had no reason to lie about what happened.

“He isolated these girls any way he could, for however brief amount of time he could get. That’s when he committed these crimes. The victims in this case trusted him. The families trusted him. But it didn’t stop him from finding the opportunity to violate these girls,” said Johnson County Assistant District Attorney Sara Walton.

“This is what happens when we push little children for details they don’t have. They don’t have the details because what they’re being told to tell didn’t happen,” said defense attorney Paul Cramm.

The courtroom has been been packed with both supporters of Creason, and families of the alleged victims and other parents who had kids who attended Oaklawn.

All of them now anxiously awaiting the jury’s decision.

The jury didn’t get the case until late Monday afternoon. They met for just under an hour before going home for the night. They’ll resume deliberations Tuesday morning.

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