Former nanny says Jones’ children were in a dangerous situation at home

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. – KCK police are continuing an investigation that began as a domestic violence call, and has now turned into one of a missing 7-year-old boy who may have been killed.

Someone who knew the family well told FOX 4 it was only a matter of time until something like this happened.

Michael Jones remains in the Wyandotte County jail, and although he has not been charged with any crimes related to the possible death of his son, he is being held on a $10 million bond. FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien caught up with a woman who said she has intimate knowledge of things that happened inside the Jones’ home.

“I loved that little boy so much,” said former nanny Patricia Domingue.

Domingue is talking about 7-year-old Adrian Jones, the missing boy whom police believe may have been killed; his bones were possibly those found in a livestock pen on the Jones` KCK property.

“He was so sweet, and these big eyes just filled with wonderment, very inquisitive and begged, begged for love and attention,” she described.

Domingue says after she was divorced in 2012, she moved in to Michael and Heather Jones’ Oskaloosa, Kan., home where she was employed as the nanny for the Jones’ five children.

“I had worked with children in the past, it just seemed perfect,” she said.

The three oldest children were Michael’s from a previous marriage, the youngest two were Heather and Michael’s. What started off as perfect, turned into a nightmare, Domingue said.

“There was a disparity between the children. The two younger ones were treated much, much better by Heather than the three older ones,” she said.

Although she only witnessed one spanking, Domingue said there was abuse against the 4-year-old boy.

“It was giving him chores that he was way too young to be able to handle. It was a true prejudice against that little boy,” said Domingue.

One example given was that he would have to chop wood in the winter, and the punishments against Adrian were cruel according to Domingue.

“He would end up in the bedroom with his nose up against the wall and his hands up in the air, and would have to stand there for an hour or two,” she said. “He wasn’t allowed to eat with the other girls. It just is a sad, sad situation that I couldn’t do anything about.”

Three years later, Domingue feels some guilt that she could not take the children out of what she calls a dangerous situation.

“Those kids needed someone to love them. It breaks my heart for him,” she said. “And I think that’s why none of the kids ever went to school is because they saw too much. They saw way too much in that house.”

Domingue says that is why in 2012, Michael Jones filed as a homeschool with the state of Kansas called “The Jones Academy.” But Domingue said there wasn`t much learning going on.

“Education was absolutely not important,” she said.

In 2012, Michael Jones’ oldest daughter was in first grade in the Topeka Public Schools until she began attending The Jones Academy, where assigning chores was more important than assigning schoolwork, Domingue explained.

“I was the one in charge of their homeschooling; we would be able to spend maybe a couple of hours at most, and then all of the sudden she was needed to go do something else. She barely knew the alphabet,” said Domingue.

Domingue says she wants police to do a thorough investigation into Adrian`s possible death because she says there is a lot more to this story than what is on the surface.

The Jones family had seven children altogether, and the six girls are now in protective custody.

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