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OLATHE, Kan. — A former Olathe teacher charged with stalking a 11-year-old student has been found guilty Wednesday.

Johnson County Judge Thomas Sutherland issued the ruling against James Loganbill, a former teacher at Meadow Lane Elementary school who is accused of taking more than 200 photos and videos of a student without consent. He was charged with reckless stalking. 

That brave young girl testified in court, along with her mother and classmates.

Eleven-year-old Addalyn Antonucci’s supporters wore pink and lined the hallway to the courtroom Wednesday as Loganbill walked inside.

Throughout the 5-hour trial, the 58-year-old kept his head down, rarely looking up, until eventually Sutherland found him guilty.

“It’s a huge sigh of relief not only for our daughter, but we see it as a win for all kids throughout the state of Kansas who are gong through a similar situation or have been the victim of a circumstance,” Addalyn’s mom Kristyn Antonucci said.

In March 2020, Loganbill told school leaders and a detective he was attracted to the young girl. Detectives found 210 photos and 31 videos of Addalyn, all taken on Loganbill’s phone and iPad at school. In several photos, she was bending over, and in one video, he had her pose by lifting her leg to her head.

Det. William King said Loganbill searched for her on social media and looked up the location of her dance studio and competitions.

“In my mind that goes beyond just pictures in a classroom,” King said. “In my mind that takes it to a different level that’s concerning to me.”

Loganbill also searched for racy pornographic images, including those related to students and images.

Kristyn Antonucci said her daughter is afraid of men outside the family now, and her own trust of others is shattered.

“She still doesn’t want to sleep alone or by herself. She moved her room that she had with her two younger siblings because she doesn’t want to be without somebody with her,” the Olathe mom said.

Loganbill declined to testify or speak to FOX4, but asked his attorney to say: “He hopes this young lady was going to do well, that she would get better and that he is extremely, extremely sorry for what’s happened.”

He could spend up to a year in jail and possibly be required to register as a sexual predator for up to 15 years. His sentencing is set for Nov. 3.

Earlier this year, 11-year-old Addalyn testified before the Kansas Legislature to raise the penalty for stalking in the state, specifically if the victim is a minor.

Addalyn and her mom Kristyn became activists working to strengthen the punishment for this crime after learning the maximum jail time is just one year.

After her testimony, both sides of the state legislature passed House Bill 2071, which will make it a felony to stalk any minor under 14 years old.