Former Royals closer Jeremy Affeldt earns different kind of save by rescuing dog with CPR

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jeremy Affeldt retired from baseball in 2015, but the former Royals reliever found himself in the headlines recently for a heroic moment off the field. On Instagram, Affeldt said his dog, Kodi, managed to get a hold of a turkey neck at Thanksgiving and began choking.

Affeldt said he had to pull the turkey neck out, and then had to give mouth-to-nose CPR four times to revive the dog before taking him to an emergency vet.

He described what happened on MLB Network Radio:

“I open up his mouth and I literally punch my fist down his throat… and I actually hook the turkey neck and pulled it out,” Affeldt said.

“Then he died on me and I told my wife I got the turkey neck out, but I said, ‘Honey, he’s dead, I’m so sorry.’  And she’s yelling at me, ‘You save the dog! Do not give up, save the dog!’ So I start giving mouth-to-mouth through the nose, because I know you can’t give a dog mouth-to-mouth through the mouth, it doesn’t work, you can’t feel it. So I went through the nose, and I felt its lungs expand… and it had actually shot all the liquid that was in its lungs out. On the third try I gave him the biggest burst of breath that I could give into his nose and I felt his whole body swell up. And all of the sudden he nuzzled me… and his eyes were massive.”

You can hear the entire interview at this link.

The Royals drafted Affeldt in 1997 with visions for him to be a starter, but he eventually moved to the bullpen and was a closer in 2004. While he closed out 28 games in his 14-year MLB career, this likely goes down as his greatest save.




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