Former Venezuelan politician gives opposition forces a voice on Kansas City radio

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — At least 75 protesters have been injured in Venezuela. They’re trying to oust Socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

“The Army, which goes to Maduro, they don’t care. We saw on TV the guys with the tank just driving through the people,” Yvan Duin said.

Duin, who was once the nation`s youngest politician at age 21, is also proud of the people who have taken to the streets with opposition forces at the direction of Juan Guaido as the country struggles with basic needs like food and medicine.

“It makes me proud. We wake up. We realize, ‘Hey we can not keep going this way.’ People are dying. Young people are emigrating the country,” he said.

Duin left the country 20 years ago. He was rising up the ranks in the nation’s conservative party, when Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chavez, became president.

“They shook my house in Caracas, the capital city. They tried to hit my first wife with a car a couple times. It was getting worse and dangerous every day,” Duin said.

Now Duin is making an impact on the latest attempt to bring democracy in his own way.

He serves as general manager for Kansas City`s La Mega, 105.5. The station interviewed Venezuelan legislators and people close to opposition leaders.

He said support from the Kansas City community has been overwhelming.

“They are interested in what happens in Venezuela. Plus, we have a lot of new generations of Latin people born in that USA that need to know to be really careful about Socialism,” Duin said.

He’s worried about family back home, and countrymen risking their lives for the cause. Reports say few military members have broken ranks, giving Maduro the upper hand for now.

“We have to keep fighting for democracy, we have to keep working for freedom and liberty,” Duin said.

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