Former Wyandotte County DA wants fireworks laws changed

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — One of the few cities in the metro that allows both the sale and use of fireworks is Kansas City, Kan. However, a retired county leader said it’s time for that to change.

Former Wyandotte District Attorney Nick Thomasic is asking county leaders to consider legislation regulating the sale of fireworks in Wyandotte County. Thomasic said it’s about public safety above all else.

“Something has to be done. We are the only county/city that doesn’t have some type of ordinance,” said Thomasic.

The University of Kansas Hospital reported 17 fireworks related injuries from July 3rd to July 7th, which is down compared to years past. However, Thomasic said that’s 17 too many.

“How many police have to be called out?  How many fireman? When the city has to come out and clean up the next day. that’s all costing us money,” said Thomasic.

The Kansas City Kansas Police Department says over  a 10-day period, 341 fireworks complaints were taken. Thomasic also adds, an ordinance on fireworks may cut down on property damage.

Just outside of Downtown, the owner of Skradski Funeral Home, Helen Skradski must make a decision on how to repair her front lawn.

“I’m going to have to have sod put down or have it reseeded because it really did some damage to the lawn,” said Skradski.

When Skradski returned after the holiday, she found eight large craters in her lawn, created by fireworks. The burnt grass must now be replaced.

It’s property damage like that and the loud booms in middle of the night that have Tomasic seeking a legislative change.

Tomasic wrote a letter to unified government, the mayor and the board of commissioners hoping for a change.

Tomasic’s recommendation hasn’t been officially discussed by commissioners, but the city says it certainly will be taken into consideration.



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