Formerly abused children spend the holiday with their new family


Photo courtesy of KDVR Fox 31 Denver

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DENVER — Two adopted children spent the Thanksgiving holiday with their new family on Thursday.

The biological parents of the now seven-year-old girl and nine-year-old boy, Wayne Sperling, 66, and Lorinda Baile, 35, were arrested and charged with child abuse back in 2006, when the children were removed from their home.

KDVR in Denver reported the home the children had been taken from had been extremely filthy, and that the children only knew how to communicate by making grunting sounds.

Megan and Jeff, the adoptive parents of the two children, live on a farm in a small town about three hours from Denver in southeastern Colorado, along with one other child.

“Being a mom of three kids is fantastic, and everyday its better. They have something new and they tell you they love you, and good morning and hug you when you get home. It’s great,” Megan told Fox 31 in Denver.

Jeff, Megan’s husband, explained how getting accustomed to life as a new family was very difficult at first, but that it was worth every minute. The couple said both of the kids are making a remarkable recovery, and have surpassed all of their expectations.

“They have come a long way,” said Megan.

“These kids are exceptional, and we couldn’t love them more,” said Jeff.

In October of this year, four more of children were seized from that same Denver home, all boys ages two, four, five, and six who were reported to be malnourished and living in similar conditions, which included living areas covered in cat feces and urine. Sperling and Baile are awaiting trial and face charges including four counts of felony child abuse.

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