Found fetus tests positive for drugs

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A fetus found in a sewage treatment facility in Independence tested positive for meth and marijuana. A plant maintenance worker found the fetus while cleaning debris from sewage lines back on March 30.

The medical examiner’s report shows that the mother may have been a drug user, but listed the cause of death as “undetermined.”

Police say the autopsy report did not show that the fetus suffered any obvious trauma so since there isn’t evidence of a crime, police are closing the case.

The sewage plant worker who found the fetus told Fox 4 that he thought it looked like a doll before realizing it was a human fetus. He said it was an image he’ll never forget.

Police say hundreds of homes, businesses and schools all have sewer lines that run into the pumping station where the fetus was found so there’s no way to determine where the fetus came from or the identity of the mother.

The medical report shows the fetus was a boy, about 20 or 21 weeks along, so the mother was in her second trimester.

Even though police say the case is closed, it could be reopened if someone came forward with information about the mother or information about what happened to this child.



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