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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Four animal shelters in the Kansas City metro are sounding the alarm, saying they are at crisis capacity.

Great Plains SPCA, KCK Animal Services, Melissa’s Second Chances and Humane Society of Greater Kansas City are all at max capacity with large dogs.

The organizations also say that fewer people are adopting, leading to an influx of animals staying in shelter longer.

The four shelters say that a total of 170 dogs larger than 30 pounds are currently in their care and they’ve had 430 requests from the public to surrender large dogs over the past two weeks.

This has led to the rescue organizations having to halt voluntary admissions of large dogs, meaning owner surrenders and transfers from other facilities.

Great Plains SPCA CEO Tam Singer says overcrowding is a problem nationwide.

“This is an issue that is playing out across the country and animals shelters alone cannot solve it. We need the support of the citizens in our communities and community leaders as well.” 

Recommendations to help out with the pet overcrowding include fostering or adopting a large dog, taking found animals to be scanned for a microchip, make a donation or volunteer.

Many of the shelters are also running adoption specials.

You can get involved and see adoptable pets at the websites listed here:

KCK Animal Services

Great Plains SPCA

Melissa’s Second Chances

Humane Society of Greater Kansas City