KCK Police give update on conditions of 4 teens hit by car Friday

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Four teenagers lying on the ground, some bleeding, some screaming and one appearing lifeless – that's how witnesses describe a horrific car accident in Kansas City, Kan., Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, police say three of the four teenagers were recovering and the fourth remained in critical condition.

Police said a woman barreled down Troup Avenue near N. 13th Street around 2:30 p.m. and hit the teens with her car.

“It just looked like a tragic scene out of a movie,” said witness Tarence Maddox, a commissioner with the KCK-Wyandotte County Unified Government. “It was surreal.”

Felice Myers lives nearby and said the car finally stopped in her backyard and she ran out to help.

“I see them hollering,” she said. “They were screaming, ‘Oh lord, please help me! God! God! I can't move!’”

Myers said the impact shattered the windshield and sent kids flying in different directions.

“So I run over there and the lady is saying, ‘I killed somebody! Help me! Help me! I killed someone!’ And so I heard ‘kill’ so I ran over there,” Myers said.

Police say no one died at the scene, but all four teens were taken to the hospital with critical injuries.

“I saw a young man with a gash on his head, was bleeding real bad,” Maddox said. “I seen a young lady in the bushes, she seemed to be lifeless and not breathing, and I seen one of the young ladies who had broken limbs.”

Maddox said he was on his way to a gas station when he saw what happened. Other kids at the scene told him they had gathered to watch a fight when the car plowed through. Many stuck around to comfort those hurt.

“I seen kids rubbing their head, I seen kids laying in the street crying, like hitting the ground,” Maddox recalled.

Coincidentally, Maddox knows the driver and says she's a well-known community activist who told him her brakes went out and she would never intentionally hurt anyone.

“She said, 'my car wouldn’t stop,'” he said.

A family member of the driver stopped by the scene and confirmed it was the community activist driving the car. She was booked into the Wyandotte County Detention Center Friday night on a 48-hour investigative hold, FOX 4 will not name her until formal charges are filed.

Maddox said he heard she might have been coming to the area to help break up the fight.  As for the teenagers, Myers said she held one of their hands until paramedics arrived.

“All I can do now is pray,” she said.



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