KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two Kansas City women face dozens of citations after officers rescued more than a dozen dogs from a South Kansas City home Thursday.

KC Pet Project manages the city’s animal control department. The head of the shelter says officers executed a search warrant at a home near East 113th Street and Crystal Avenue. The group says officers removed 14 dogs owned by Savannah Kenny and Peggy Cook.

The investigation started with a call about a sick dog at the home. KC Pet Project said the dog tested positive for parvovirus and later died at its shelter.

During the investigation into Kenny and Cook, officers also found six dead animals at the home, according to KC Pet Project. The officers also reported hearing a number of dogs barking, and realized more animals were at the house.

KC Pet Project said Kenny and Cook were ticketed for violating city ordinances, but the women did not correct the issues. Eventually officers executed the warrant to reach the dogs.

Pet Project described conditions inside the home as “inhumane” and “unsanitary.” A spokesperson for the shelter said the dogs were housed in kennels that were too small. Officers also found dirty blankets and fecal matter inside the kennels.

“The putrid odor of ammonia could be smelled from outside of the house because of the amount of urine that saturated all rooms in the house. This rescue could not have been possible without the community’s trust in our Animal Services Officers to ensure those responsible would be held accountable for the inhumane treatment of these precious animals,” Ryan Johnson, Chief of Animal Services, told KC Pet Project.

The dogs are now at KC Pet Project’s shelter to undergo veterinary care.

The organization is asking for help to cover the care. Donations can be made through KC Pet Project’s website.