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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — A fourth grader used what she learned during a science fair project to save her grandpa’s life. Sophia Tabors entered her school’s science fair using a project on strokes.

“My other grandpa had a stroke and during that stroke I’m like, ‘Well it’d be interesting to find out why strokes happen and what causes them,'” Tabors said.

Tabors won a second place ribbon for her entry on stroke research but the real reward came two months later when a different grandpa had a stroke.

“He dropped a bag of apples,” said Tabors. “He was staring at it and I was trying to ask him if he was okay…he was saying something but I didn’t get it and his face was droopy on one side.”

She knew her grandpa was having a stroke before anyone else did.

“I told my mom what was happening and she called 911,” she said.

Dr. Amer Alshekhlee credits the quick-thinking 10-year-old for saving her grandpa’s life.

“I have no doubt she saved a lot of his functions and probably his life too,” said Dr. Alshekhlee.

Now, Tabors’ grandpa is recovering nicely thanks to his granddaughter.