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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A fourth lawsuit is filed against St. Thomas Aquinas and its former choir director, Joseph Heidesch.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday afternoon, claims the Catholic high school failed to protect students against Heidesch.

The former teacher pleaded guilty last month to more than 25 child sex crimes. Reaction to the plea is available by watching the video in the player at the top of the page.

According to the newest lawsuit, Heidisch used his power as a teacher to require the plaintiff and other female students to change clothes between songs and also told them to use his private office at the school to try on different outfits.

The plaintiff says she was a member of the choir when she attended the high school.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff claims she and other students tried to avoid changing in Heidesch’s office, but he used his authority to force them to do so.

During the investigation, prosecutors determined Heidesch secretly recorded video of more than 100 young girls at St. Thomas Aquinas in various stages of undress.

The lawsuit claims St. Thomas Aquinas kept silent about the investigation, preventing the plaintiff from learning about the videos until recently. The suit also says Heidesch uploaded videos and images to the internet, and some of what he published may include the plaintiff.

The lawsuit goes on to say St. Thomas Aquinas should have known what Heidesch was doing because the high school employed people to monitor the use of technology and computers.

St. Thomas Aquinas has denied the allegations in the past. FOX4 contacted the school about the latest lawsuit Thursday morning. The school’s response will be published in this story if the school responds.

This is the fourth law suit filed against St. Thomas Aquinas and Heidesch.

Heidesch will be sentenced on April 17.